Joe in Tangier / The Evening Standard Award

1966 to 1969

1966 April 6th: The Good and Faithful Servant screened on Rediffusion Television
  May – July: Orton and Halliwell take second holiday to Tangier
  June 27th: Early version of The Erpingham Camp screened on Rediffusion Television
  Orton finishes rewrite of Loot
  September: Second production of Loot in London. This time a success
  November 1st: Loot transfers to Criterion Theatre, London
  November: Orton finishes Funeral Games
  December: Orton begins writing diary again at suggestion of Peggy Ramsay
  December: Orton starts writing What the Butler Saw
1967 January 11: Orton receives Evening Standard Award, Best Play for Loot. Also receives Plays and Player’s critics award for Loot
  Orton writes What the Butler Saw
  January – April: Orton writes screenplay for the Beatles, Up Against It. Rejected without comment by Brian Epstein. Film option picked up by Oscar Lewenstein
  May – July: Orton and Halliwell take third holiday to Tangier
  June: The one act plays, The Ruffian on the Stair and The Erpingham Camp are staged at the Royal Court Theatre, London, under the title Crimes of Passion
  July: Orton finishes What the Butler Saw
  August 9th: Halliwell murders Orton and then commits suicide
  August 17th: Halliwell’s funeral, Enfield, Middlesex.
Only Peggy Ramsay and three of Halliwell’s relatives in attendance
  August 18th: Orton funeral at West Chapel, Golders Green
1969 March 5th: First performance of What the Butler Saw
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